The magic heel – Puglia
Have you ever see “wizard of oz heel” ? Where  Dorothy click her heel and says “”There’s no place like home.” This is how I feel about Puglia.  Don’t laugh at me, but I didn’t know where Puglia is not along going there… I know Italy look like a boot. But honestly, I didn’t know Puglia located at the heel.

Last year, food bought me to Italy, this year wine bring me to Puglia.
Puglia is surronding by the Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea, the Strait of Òtranto and Gulf of Taranto in the south. Olive oil, seafood and vegetables are available all year around. This is also known as “Mediterranean Diet.” Because of the incredible climate here, Puglianese been bless with many fresh crops and wine. Every Puglianese that I met always told me, we don’t really eat pizza and pasta all the time. We eat a lot of vegetables and seafood.

Puglia – The land of Italian olive oil
As soon as I landed Puglia, The first thing I discovered is the land been carpet by olive trees. This region produce more than 70% of olive oil in Italy. Puglia is not only famous of its quantity of olive oil but also its quality. The European Union has given 5 DOP in Puglia:
Terra di Bari DOP / Collina di Brindisi DOP / Terre Tarentine DOP / Dauno DOP / Terra d’Otranto DOP

As I just got back from the trip, but I haven’t have time to put down all the travel details.  So please stay tuned for my own experiences with the magic of the heel – Puglia.



5 thoughts on “Puglia – the magic of the heel

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  4. The food, the beaches and the people all make it wonderful. It’s also cheap and easy to fly to. It feels like the real Italy when you’re in Puglia, particulalry the countryside. We rent out our trullo, Trulli Talily, between Ostuni & Cisternino. Having explored the whole reqion we think that this is the finest area of the region. We have visited about 20-30 times since we bought it 5 years ago and we still haven’t touched the surface. There are endless hidden treasures in the form of views, architecture and places to eat and visit, some of which you will simply only find out about when directed by locals. The area has real rustic charm.

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